Welcome to “Kindom Wei Shan Jiu Project”

Xinyi backyard with ten thousand pings.You can live in a villa in the city.Single house exclusive new club.
Go home is a micro trip.Life is like vacation.Be good neighbors together.

Customer Service

Customer-oriented service


Project Progress

Know the finish degree of residence at any time


Pay attention to all aspects of company operations


Urban Renewal Joint Development

Promote the development of cities and create the MRT Meteorology

Kindom Xinyi ProjectIn the prosperity,contained in no prosperity

Classic Project

“People” are the most important asset for the growth of a company. Only by “respecting the individual and emphasizing communication” can we “combine the team and pursue excellence”. Through a corporate culture based on “cultivating professionals” can we improve our literacy and quality, and then achieve sustainable business operations.


Business Philosophy

Kindom Development takes “integrity, service, innovation, and sustainability” as its business philosophy. For decades, it has gone from building exquisite homes to improving service quality; from model students in the construction industry to all-round real estate developers; from providing quality living space , to an innovative lifestyle.

Perpetual Service

At the beginning of establishment, KINDOM led the industry to organize an engineering technical team to improve the quality of construction and enhance the technical level of the team. Later, it took the lead in proposing forward-looking concepts such as “permanent after-sales service” and ” KINDOM Evolution House” to drive quality management. Later, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system was introduced to improve service satisfaction.

Knowledge Equipment

The first builder to “use knowledge as standard equipment for construction”, since 2006, every construction project has set up the “Kindom Global Views Library”. Through differentiated and customized services, KINDOM “creates added value” for products and “delivers the value of a happy life” for customers.

Social Responsibility

We have been following social trends for a long time and helping disadvantaged and remote ethnic groups. In order to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities, KINDOM established the “Kindom Yu San Education Foundation” in 2014, with the mission of “promoting reading and architectural education” to promote the public to meet a better world, cultivate life aesthetics, and devote effort to embrace a happy life .